Faz & Come

Rui Ribeiro, also known as “Faz & Come” – the showcase of his recipes developed with passion and commitment in his studio; was born in the 80s, he was born in Lara, a small parish in the municipality of Monção – Viana do Castelo, where he lives. He has training in cooking and pastry, and dedicates himself to training and workshops on cooking and photography, the other great passion present in his life, culinary photography, in addition to creating and testing new recipes, he photographs food.


“As a cook, I make the most of the characteristics of the products. As a photographer, I create natural environments and, through recipes and photographs, highlight the strongest points of your product ”.


He shares stories through images and in 2017 he was a finalist for the Ahresp Awards and nominated for the Blogs of the Year. Lover of the countryside, of autumn, of outdoor dinners with friends, he also enjoys cooking utensils. He loves to communicate and doesn’t mind spending his days in the kitchen, because he loves to eat! His motto is: “Turn on the oven and be happy”.