Founded in 2017, WOWME is a communication agency that operates in areas such as Social Media and Content Creation, Talent Management, Influence Marketing, Press Advisory, Public Relations, and Events Planning and Management.

Social Media and Content

Development of social media strategy, planning and content creation to ensure engagement; Creation of campaigns with celebrities and influencers; Development of detailed monthly report with analytical results.

Talents Management

We enhance our talents as credible brands with their audiences, companies and the media; We define objectives and outline a strategy with which our talents are identified, introducing a new paradigm in this area and working with the talents with respect, consistency and the strategy with which a brand is enhanced.

Influence Marketing

Development of strategy and creative campaigns in order to generate awareness for each of our clients; We define the target, select the right influencers to communicate your product and do all the follow-up from the briefing, implementation and results report.

PR & Press Office

Creation and development of an adjusted strategy for each type of client, with a creative approach; Media publications by sending press releases, trendalerts and strategic proposals; Regular contact with celebrities, influencers and opinion leaders; Clipping.