Born in 2017, WOWME - PEOPLE & BRANDS is a Communication Agency with services in Digital, PR & Management areas. We excel in the creativity and strategy of the brands that we represent, and manage the career of our clients with a focus on excellence.

Content & Social Media

We build transversal strategies where we privilege excellence. Digital management of brands, influencers and celebrities. Creation of daily content in the line of communication of the profile of the brand or person.

PR & Management

We devise a strategy our customers identify with to achieve a better performance.

Press Office

Development of creative communication plans, with the goal of generating visibility and positioning for each of our clients. We define the target, we develop unique and dedicated databases, always updated and in line with the goal of the communication.

Brand Activation

Planning and creating events in coordination with the client in order to maximize their impact with the guests. We create punctual activations for brands.