Ana Moreira

Ana Moreira, 43, is a radio announcer, presenter and reporter.

Born in Viana do Castelo, a girl from the North “with a lot of love for her heritage”, at 18 she came to Lisbon to do what makes her happy.

She studied Social Communication at the Portuguese Catholic University, fell in love with the world of Radio, and since 2004 she has livened up Portugal with her voice. She started on Cidade FM, went through Rádio Comercial, Rádio Clube Português and is currently on M80.

She likes to challenge herself as we can see from the projects she has embraced over the last few years. She is a presenter on Benfica TV, acts as a speaker in a corporate space on match days, has presented events, concerts and dinners. She has been at RTP since the end of 2019. She started as a reporter on the program “Domingo à Tarde”, later on “Faz Faísca” and occasionally collaborates in the reports of the program “7 Maravilhas”.

Loves traveling, soccer, cooking, dinner parties, music. Loves People. Loves to live life.