Marta Faial

Marta’s journey began in one of the biggest television phenomena in Portugal, Morangos com Açúcar (TVI). He wanted to bet on his professional training and went to New York, where he attended the school of actors William Esper Studio. The projection of the work of the actress won a new, and larger, dimension in Angola when he joined the cast of Windeck (TPA/RTP1). Returning to Portugal, Marta joined the cast of the successful novel “A Única Mulher” (TVI) and later the biggest audience sitcom of the Public Channel, “Sim, Chef!” (RTP1). She currently plays Monica Vieira, a cold and calculating woman, in one of the most challenging roles of her career, in the police series “A Teia” (TVI). Her last project on television was as Sandra in “Quer o Destino”. In July 2021, Marta Faial becomes a mother for the first time of two beautiful twins alongside her fiancé Gonçalo Câmara-Pereira.


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