Mafalda Rodrigues

She made her television debut at the age of 5, in the program “Mini-Chuva de Estrelas” (SIC). At 13 she discovered her passion for theater with the children’s play “Viagem ao Mundo Fantástico” and never stopped. She has been on stage dozens of times, with plays like “Azul Longe das Colinas” (2013), “Quatro Santos em Três Actos” (2015), “A Vida é Bela, a Morte É Que Dá Corporada Dela* (2018), “Bocage – O Homem Mais Honesto para se Amar” (2018) and “Bebeethoven” (2020). Also on television, she has made several appearances in various projects such as “Strawberries with Sugar” (2012), “Only Woman” (2015) and “Mother Paula” (2017). She is also a co-protagonist in “A SÉRIE” from RTP.

In 2019 she embraced the biggest role of her life by becoming the mother of little José Maria and a year later she repeats the experience of motherhood again, with the birth of Maria Luísa.